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Parts Department


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  1. 35603

    Middleby EWB CW Wheel 9.13x4-1/2x7/8

    EWB Clockwise Blower Wheel 35603

    Regular Price: $472.35

    Special Price $425.12

  2. 59411

    Blower Wheel CW 640G

    Clockwise Blower Wheel 59411

    Regular Price: $434.63

    Special Price $391.17

  3. 48” Dormont Gas Connector Kit

    Safety System Moveable Gas Connector Kit, 3/4" inside dia., 48" long, covered with stainless steel braid, coated with blue antimicrobial PVC, 1 SnapFast™ QD, 1 full port valve, (2) 90° elbows, coiled restraining cable with hardware, limited lifetime warranty
  4. 41899

    Middleby Marshall Main Blower Shaft

    Main Blower Shaft 41899

    Regular Price: $253.64

    Special Price $228.28

  5. 31432

    Middleby Main Blower Motor 1HP

    Main Blower Motor PS360 EWB/WB70 Ovens 31432

    Regular Price: $1,232.67

    Special Price $1,109.40

  6. 58920

    Middleby Marshall 640G Drive Motor

    Conveyor drive motor 640G 58920

    Regular Price: $1,145.41

    Special Price $1,030.87

  7. 69149

    Middleby 360G WOW Blower motor

    Main Blower Motor for 360G Ovens 69149

    Regular Price: $448.35

    Special Price $403.52

  8. 35000-1537

    Middleby Marshall Split Belt Bushing

    Bushing for split belt conveyor 35000-1537

    Regular Price: $58.86

    Special Price $52.97

  9. 35210-0429

    Middleby Marshall Pivot Plate

    Conveyor Pivot Plate 35210-0429

    Regular Price: $64.13

    Special Price $57.72

  10. 36452

    Middleby Marshall NUT,WING-PLASTIC 1/4-20

    Wing nut 36452

    Regular Price: $13.13

    Special Price $11.82


Items 1 to 10 of 592 total

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Extensive Kitchen Parts Department in Dexter, MI

At Northern Pizza Equipment, we are proud to offer our customers quality personal service. If you're having a problem, drop by or give us a call, and our trained professionals in the parts department will help.

What Do We Do?

Whether you're a national chain or a mom-and-pop restaurant, we know that repairing and replacing parts can be a costly and stressful experience. Our job is to help you figure out the problem and fix it promptly. We provide diagnostic services, individual parts, and remanufactured equipment.

Real People, Superior Service

We have over 25 years of experience in the industry thanks to our commitment to quality service. Our small staff allows us to go the extra mile, handling each order personally with care and precision. We pride ourselves on our prompt delivery, extensive product knowledge, and dedication to helping our customers' businesses to succeed.

What Types of Parts Do We Offer?

We offer parts for almost any equipment you need for your restaurant's kitchen. It can be a door gasket for your refrigeration system, a light fixture for your oven hood, or a new on/off switch for your oven. We also carry top brands, such as Middleby Marshall, Lincoln, Turbo Chef, Hobart, and more.

How Can We Help You?

If you're just setting up your kitchen and aren't sure what you need, or if you have trouble with your equipment, call our knowledgeable parts department today. If you are in the Dexter, MI area, you can also stop in to pick up your parts.